Most times after installing a custom rom or flashing your device, you find that there is no network which is due to loss of imei. 
if you dial *#06# you will see either null or invalid instead of an imei number.
I will be showing you how to restore, repair, or change this null/invalid imei number of your mtk device back to your original one.

Changing of imei number is illegal. 
I will not be held responsible for any damage cause using this tutorial.
Use at your own risk.
Your device must be rooted before you can do this. Learn how

Download an install adb drivers from here
Download an install MTK Droid Tools form here
Launch MTK Droid Tools
Enable USB Debug mode on the device 
Settings > Developers option > enable (tick) usb debugging
In case you don't find developer option in Settings menu, goto About and tap build number 7 times. After that developers option will be isted in Settings menu.

Connect the device to your computer an wait for MTK droid tools to detect it.

A yellow box is seen at the bottom left meaning you have rooted your device but no adb permission granted on the device.
Click ROOT button at the right and select yes on the pop up that appears.

Grant Super user access on your device.

The yellow box turns green showing adb shell is granted on the device.


Enter the IMEI inside the boxes. IMEI1 for sim 1 & IMEI2 for sim2

Click Replace IMEI
Select Yes on the pop up.

Click on OK and reboot the device for changes to take place.

Congrats... you have successfully changed/repair your imei

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TK Amparas


  1. pls i need itel 1404 pac file

  2. Thanks man. Your posts helped me recover my bricked tecno M3 and also fix invalid imei issues

  3. Mine shows blue on down left. What shud I do pls

  4. Mine shows blue on down left. What shud I do pls

    1. Blue means the phone is not rooted.
      But its easier to change or repair it using MTK Engineering

  5. Please mtk Droid tools didn't detect my Infinix note3, I have ADB drivers installed and my note3 is rooted, please what could be the problem I can't call or receive call.

  6. Thank you because you have been willing to share information with us. we will always appreciate all you have done here because I know you are very concerned with our. Komatsu PC200-6 Repair Manual


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