After rooting our devices, most of us like to customize our devices in many different ways. Here I will show you how to change the boot logo, boot animation & shut down animation using logo Builder.

The tutorial below is for MediaTek (MTK) devices.
Don't forget to make backups.
Do this at your own risk ......

Boot Logo
Create a new folder on your desktop (project folder).
Copy the logo.bin file of your device to the project folder created (logo.bin  is found inside the stock rom of your device).
Download Logo builder from here.
Extract and launch LogoBuilder.
Click create new project.
Navigate to the folder created on desktop and select the logo.bin file.
A pop up will appear for you to select project folder.
Navigate to the project folder and select OK.
Now edit the images to your satisfaction using any image editing software.
When you are done editing, click Make.
A pop up will appear when process is complete. Click OK.
Open the project folder. You will see two new files (logo.bin and
There are two ways to install this new logo created.

If you want to use logo.bin
Use SP Flash tools and flash the logo.bin file to the device.
Launch SP flash tool.
Select Scatter file.
Choose the scatter file of your device (its found in stock rom of your device)
Tick only Logo on the list.
Double click on the Logo location and select the logo.bin inside project folder.
Click Download.
Turn off your phone and connect to computer .
A green circle (older versions of SP Flash Tools) or green Tick (new versions of SP flash Tool) is seen when process is completed.
Reboot device and enjoy new logo.

If you want to use
You must have ClockWorkMod (CWM) recovery or TWRP recovery to use this method.
Learn how to install CWM recovery MTK device from here.
Copy from project folder to your SD Card
Boot into CWM or TWRP by pressing Vol. up & Power button
Select install from zip.
Navigate to your SD card and select
Wait for process to complete.
Reboot phone.

Changing boot animation and shut down animation
If you just want to change boot animation,
Download an install ES File explorer on your device (get from playstore).
Enable Root Explorer.
Download or create the animation you want to use.
Navigate to device > system > media
You will see and
Replace them with the new animations you downloaded.
You can rename the to for shut down animation.

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  1. what is the location of the boot.bin file in mtk android. i dont seem to find it so that i can edit it. i found the boot_logo in \system\media\images\ but cant find the boot.bin file.

    1. 1. U do not need boot.bin to do this.
      2. You can get logo.bin and boot.bin (for whatever reason u need it for) file of ur device from its stock ROM or extract it using tools like miracle box, NCK etc

  2. I flashed the resulting in TWRP and nothing happened, no erros, all reported good, but same old logo.

    1. If u replaced the images correctly in the logo.bin file, then ur new logo should work just fine.


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