If you messed up your HTC device either by rooting, installing some custom rom etc or you just want to get back to the default stock rom, follow the simple guide below.

A wrong ruu will not install on your device. So no harm.
If you want to install ruu files of different variant of your device  you will need to be on super CID.

Watch video tutorial from here

Download an install android usb drivers from here
Boot up your phone by pressing volume down and power button
Check the model of the device you want to flash eg Pyramid.
Check the radio version (very important).

Use power button to select Fastboot on your device.
Download the RUU file of your device. Make sure the file you are downloading has the same radio version with the one of your device. Get RUU files from here

Launch the RUU file.
When it loads, tick I understand the caution...... and select NEXT
Now connect your phone to the computer using a usb cable.
Tick the box and select NEXT
A new pop up will appear Click UPDATE.

Verify the images of the ROM you want to flash and click NEXT.
Flashing Process will begin.
This process can take about 10 mins.

Wait for the process to complete. Please do not disturb the device or it might end up hard bricked.
Phone will reboot after the process is complete.
First boot after this process is longer than usual. be patient.......

Donation of any kind is really appreciated.
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  1. Hello.

    I have HTC Desire d 820 n . , screen blacked out suddenly, phone poweered off. After that, the phone didn't power up .

    I tried push a power button for 10 seconds or more, and volume up + power button, volume down + power button with similar way. Without charging or connect to computer with USB cable, no reaction has shown.
    When it is connected to power, Red led is blinking and does not power on.

    When it is connected to computer, device is recognized as QHSUSB_BULK .
    I bought this phone in France , and I live in Morocco now, there is no service center for HTC .
    Please help to revive my bricked HTC d 820 n
    Thank you.

  2. hello sir i have htc m7. problem that am facing this that the phone can't boot logo. it will boot and off by it self. i have try hand reset but is not also working.i also try using adb fastboot but really understand how use command to flash my htc one pls help with the tips on how to do it.


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