This is a new customized Recovery like CWM or TWRP with a lots features. 
You can use it to install Kikat and Lollipop ROMs to your devices.
Bundled with Aroma File Manager to easily manage files in your SDcard/Phone memory in Recovery mode
And many more......................


The Recovery shared on this page is for MTK devices only.
I'm not responsible for any thing that happens to your device after using this tutorial. 
Do this at your own risk.

Download and install Android USB drivers from here
Download and extract the the file.
Run PhilZ Click Next 

On the window that appear, click OK

A Credits list window is seen 
After some seconds, 
another window will show >> Do you wanna start Easy PhilZ Touch Installer for MTK now <<
Click Yes.

On the next window,
Select >> Start Easy Magic PhilZ Touch Installer for MediaTek << and click OK

Click Yes on the next window.

Turn on USB debugging on your device.  Settings > Developers option > USB debugging
Make sure you have properly installed Android USB drivers
connect  your device to the Computer and click OK

The rest process is automated.Wait for it to complete

Congrats you have successfully installed Philz Touch Recovery on  your device.
To boot into this recovery, 
Press and hold volume up button then Power on your device

If you have an  error like this >> aborted recovery too large and causes a region of overlap <<
 Mostly on older MTK devices.

Do the following carefully:
Click Yes
A window about your device chipset will popup
Grant Super User permission on your device

Select your screen resolution on the new window that pops up and click ok

There will be some questions. Ans as follows
In the First question answer NO
An error will show up click OK

Now open PhilZ recovery from a new folder named MTK-PhilZ found on your Desktop
Click OK
Then Click NO

It will ask you to put your stock recovery in stock folder 
Copy the Stock Recovery from  BackUp-MTK-Recovery folder and paste it in MTK-PhilZ folder
Now select your phone resolution and click OK 
Now select fb2png and tune2fs and press OK
Click NO
Click Yes
Click Yes again

Donation of any kind is really appreciated.
My Naija Guys hit me up with recharge cards 
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  1. Hi Admin/team Amparas, thanks for the good work, i always enjoy your zeal towards finding solution to world class problem, God bless you man, please i cant download this all mtk recovery,i will be grateful if sent to my mail @ [email protected]. thanks

  2. Thank you bro for the great work you are doing am very grateful

  3. Hey, everywhere the link is dead for this software... can anyone please send the software to me at this email only : [email protected]

  4. Please I need Philz or twrp for h7, I tried port mine, but d USB is not working, and also that of m3 new os

  5. Replies
    1. hello MR<, Macharia, any known custom rom for tecno c9? i cnt find one

  6. can someone refer me to a site to download any custom roms for tecno devices....i cant seem to find one/ such forums

  7. This is the working down below link for philz recovery:!Q4BFhTxJ!kOjL6ymk6uG67VUagFsGosG5-rNEiwqSKkXI-cGjA8s


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