Download all versions of RSD Lite (Flash Tool for Motorola Devices)

RSD Lite is a tool used to flash Motorola Devices with their stock ROM. If you want to unbrick and restore your device to warranty state or you just want to upgrade your Motorola device  with an updated firmware (stock ROM) then this tool will help you do that.

RSD Lite is able to flash Stock ROMs with the following extensions
.xml - Fastboot files (very common)
.bzip, .gz, .tgz, .bz2, .tbz2  and .zip - Zip files
.hs and .HSX - Flex files
.shx and .SBF - Super files

Learn how to use RSD Lite  to flash Motorola devices from here

RSD Lite 4.8
RSD Lite 4.9
RSD Lite 5.0
RSD Lite 5.3.1
RSD Lite 5.6
RSD Lite 5.6.4
RSD Lite 5.7
RSD Lite 6.1.4
RSD Lite 6.1.5
RSD Lite 6.2.4 (Some devices are not supported by this version)


  1. please can share me the link to download the stock rom?

  2. please the pr ocess stop anytime am flashing motorola xt907

  3. Motorola firmwares:

    1. This is the best one site with firmwares for Motorola!

  4. How To Flash Motorola


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