How to flash recovery images with Mobile Uncle Tool

Just downloaded that new custom recovery (CWM, TWRP or Philz) and you want to flash it 

to your device without using PC, look no further, Mobile Uncle Tool is going to do the task 

for you in just few minutes.

First of all your device must be rooted before this can work.
You can root your device easily using Kingroot or iRoot

Download and install MobileUncle Tool from Playstore 

Download the stock or custom recovery you want to flash to your device (Make sure its compatible with your device).
Note the name of this recovery.

Launch Mobile Uncle Tools
Grant Super User access to MobileUncle

Select Recovery Update from the list of options
Now select recovery.img file you want to flash and press OK.
Mobile Uncle will now flash the recovery to your device.
The process can take about 1 minute.

After a successful flash, Press OK and wait for your Phone to reboot into the new recovery.

To manually boot into Recovery, hold volume up + power button for about 3 secs.

With the recovery installed you can do things like
Backup and restore your ROM
Install custom ROMs on the device
Flash different packages to your device (, etc)
Factory reset device etc........

Other ways to this
Learn how to flash recovery files with flashify from here
Learn how to easily create CWM recovery of your device with MTK droid Tool from here

Hope this helps.............

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