Change or Fix null/invalid imei on devices using Chamelephon

If you have the null/invalid IMEI or you just want to change your IMEI to another one for some reason, this app is going to help you do just that in very easy steps.
This app supports many new updated MediaTeK chips. Most Huawei devices are supported  by this app whose IMEI were very hard to repair or change.

Changing of imei is illegal in some countries
Do this at your own risk
Your phone must be rooted for this to work (root with iroot or kingroot)
This will not work on Samsung devices except for clones (copy)
If you are interested changing or repairing Samsung imei use octopus box

Download and install Chamelephon from playstore
Launch Chamelephon
Grant Super User access
Enter the new IMEI numbers you want to apply on your device
Tap Apply new IMEIs
Tap Change on the popup that appears
After that put your phone on flight mode 
After about 10 seconds turn off the flight mode
Check your IMEI by dialing *#06#



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