Erase BB10 devices completely with SIC MultiWipe n Load

Sometimes when trying to flash  a BB10 device, the operation gets stuck at some point even after trying it again an again. The only way we can reload such devices is to wipe the OS found on the device complete and then reload a new one. 
This Erasing of OS on BB10 devices can be done using SIC MultiWipe n Load. This tool is just like SuperWiper which is used for older blackberry devices but has additional options to load OS of the device.

How to use SIC Wipe n Load to Erase the OS on BB10 devices
*Download, Extract and launch SIC Wipe n Load from links below

*Type Y and press Enter if the device you want to wipe is STL1 or type N and press Enter if the device is NOT STL1 (Non STL devices: Q10/Q5/Z30/STL2,3,4,5)

*When you see Connecting to Bootrom: connect the BB10 device to PC without battery

*Wait for the wiping process to complete. (5 steps which can take about 3mins)

*When wiping process is complete you will see something like do you want to Load device? Type N and Press Enter button on keyboard

*Now you can launch the autoloader and reload the BB10 OS the device smoothly.

SIC MultiWipe n Load V1.1

SIC MultiWipe n Load V1.2 - Supports BlackBerry Z3

SIC MultiWipe n Load V1.3 - Supports Blackberry Passport

This tool is created by SIC Team (Sator, Iking and Clie60)
If you enjoy using this tool, make a donation to SIC Team using the PayPal


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