How to change/repair IMEI number on MTK Smart Phones using SN Write Tool

Sometimes after flashing or upgrading an MTK device with its stock ROM, the IMEI number corrupts an if you dial *#06#, it shows null or invalid which leads to no network on the device. 
MTK Droid Tool, Chamelephon, MTK Engineering app can also be used in repairing or changing imei numbers but sometimes they need requirements like root acess on that device.
This tutorial will put you through on how to repair or change the imei number on any MTK device with ease.

Changing of IMEI number is illegal
Do this at your own risk

Watch Video Tutorial below

SN Write Tool. Download from here
Stock ROM/Firmware of the device

Download, Extract & Launch SN Write Tool
Set ComPort to USB VCOM
TargetType to Smart Phone
Click System Config button

Under Write Option
Make sure only IMEI is ticked
Tick Dual IMEI if you want to change/repair both num
Under IMEI Optionbers

Under Database File
Click MD1_DB button
Navigate to the ROM/Firmware folder
Locate & select the database file starting with BPLGUInfoCustomApp...
Click AP_DP button
Locate & select the database file starting with AP_DB...
Click Save

Click Start button
Enter the IMEI numbers and click OK
You will see a blue progress bar with message 
"Start searching preloader com port with handshake..."

Turn off the device 
Connect device to PC while holding Volume Down button
Device will enter into META Mode then the IMEI flashing process will start
After few seconds you will see PASS in green box showing process is complete with success

Reboot device
Check your IMEI by dialing *#06#


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. IMEI SN Writer tool is one of the best repairing tool ever for android devices...

  3. Is it working for Android 6.0 and above

  4. Is it working for Android 6.0 and above

  5. SN writer tool does the job but people should read about the risks of changing or tweaking IMEI as many IMEI's are blacklisted due to this.


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