How to install XUI 1.N.0.2 on infinix X510 (Hot 2)

The android 6.0 marshmallow update on this device is not that cool I know a lot of people will agree with me on that. But infinix XUI interface which is found on infinix hot note and note 2 is really cool with lots of features. No surprise why it was ported to this device and yea I really like it an I'm sure you will too. Here is the tutorial on how to install this ROM and have this cool interface and features on your infinix X510 (Hot 2).

Points to Note
* This is a custom ROM.

* This works fine for both 1GB & 2GB version
* You might find some bugs even though I've not found one yet :)
* I discovered that if your device running on Android 6.0, after installing this ROM it will hang on infinix logo, So downgrade the phone first to Android 5.1 first before doing this.
* Again do this at your own risk!

This tutorial is a three part tutorial.
1- Downloading the files for flashing
2- Preparing the phone for flashing
3- Flashing the phone with the XUI ROM

Part 1: Downloading the files for flashing
- Download TWRP custom recovery for infinix X510 from here
- Download from here
- Download from here
- Download SP Flash Tool from (Latest version) here
- Download ChainFire from here

Now that you have downloaded the files proceed lets proceed to Part 2.

Part 2: preparing the device for flashing
- Copy, and to SDcard


- Extract TWRP recovery
- Launch SP Flash Tool
- Click on scatter loader
- Navigate to the TWRP extracted folder
- Select the scatter file inside
- Click Download button and connect the device to PC
- Wait for recovery.img to flash
- When you see tick in green circle, flash process is complete

Now that you have flashed TWRP recovery to your device

- Boot phone into TWRP recovery by holding volume up + power button for some seconds
- Swipe to enter TWRP main menu
- Tap mount from the menu & make sure System is selected

- Now press back and tap Wipe- Under Wipe, swipe to Factory Reset device
or if you like you can enter
- Advance
- Select (mark) Dalvik Cache, System, Data & Cache
- Swipe to wipe those partitions
- Then go back to the main menu

After Wiping its now time to install the ROM
Just check again if system is still ticked under mount.

Part 3: Flashing the device with XUI ROM- Tap install
- Navigate to your SDcard and select Swipe to install
- When installation of is complete, press back
- Tap install again and select from SDcard
- Swipe to install
- When installaton of is completed, press back
- Tap install and select from SDcard
- Wait for installation process to complete.

After installing all the 3 files above, reboot the device and Enjoy XUI 1.N.0.2 on your device

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Like and Share

and also Team Hovatek for porting the TWRP Recovery to infinix X510


  1. that's cool,the rom really makes sense......thumpz up to romkingz

  2. Sir d file z not working help me out

  3. i download recovry and after it the phone open to the recovry and didn't entre to system please help me

  4. Hello, thanks for sharing this ROM. Please I have few questions to ask;

    -Are we to be on Android one or xui before flashing?

    -Does it have magazine locksecreen features on hot2?

    -Does it have flash charge feature?

    Thanks, expecting your response.

    [email protected]

    1. Its been long since I used this but from what I can remember
      1. theres has never been an official xui for this device so the device is supposed to be running on android one default OS (android 5.1 to be specific)
      2. yeah it has all the magazine lockscreen stuff
      3. No fast charge feature

    2. Thanks for your response..
      Please, One more thing.

      -Is it a must to flash "" alongside installation of the ROM?

    3. Nope. Supersu is just 2 root the device

  5. Hi! I want firmware of X-TIGI DREAM3. please


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