How to Flash/Upgrade Android devices with intel chipset

The following tutorial below will show you how to flash android devices running on intel SoC like Chuwi, Telcast, Onda, PiPo etc. It’s a simple and straight forward process. This process also works when you want to flash just Android partition on Dual OS tablets (Tablets running both Android & Windows OS). All you really need is just to calm down and follow the simple procedures below.

The device should have at least 20% battery life.
Make a backup of your personal files (photos, contacts, music etc) because all will be deleted after this process is complete.
Make sure you are using the right Firmware to flash your device.
Flashing a wrong firmware will damage the device.
Again, use this tutorial at your own risk!

Do the following in the sequence as below
The following files are always found in upgrade tool folder inside firmware folder. If it’s not there, Download from links below
Download and install iSocUSB-Driver-Setup from here
Then download and install intelAndroidDrvSetup from here
Finally download and install ManufacturingFlashTool_Setup from here
Now copy CUSTOM_CONFIG.INI file found inside upgrade tool folder to C:\Program Files\Intel\Manufacturing Flash

Now that we are all set with tools installation process, let us proceed to how to flash/upgrade this device

Launch Manufacturing Flash Tool
In the menu bar, click File and select Settings
 Change SoC Devices Values to the following VID: 8087 and PID: 0A65
Change Android Devices Values the following VID: 8087 and PID: 09EF
Click Apply then OK
Now Click File again and this time select Open
Navigate to the firmware folder and select the xml file

If it’s a Dual OS tablet, you will find two xml files (flash.xml and flash_nonpartition.xml)
Flash.xml will erase the whole system turning making it Android OS only.
Flash_nonpartition.xml will keep windows partition. If you have plans to install windows OS later use this.
So select xml file according to your choice.

Now that the file is selected, turn off the device
Press and hold Volume up + Volume down  + Power button at the same time
Allow the buttons when you see the following text on screen
Entering DnX mode.
Waiting for fastboot command…..

Now connect device to PC with USB for flashing process to start
A blue progress bar and percentage completed is seen. When it reaches 100% Flashing/upgrading process is complete
You can now disconnect and reboot device

That simply how to install Android OS on devices with intel chips
If the device you are flashing is Dual OS, you can now proceed to flash the Windows OS
I will be dropping the tutorial on how to do that soon. Watch out


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