How to flash devices with RockChip Batch Tool

RockChip Batch Tool is used to flash or upgrade devices with RK SoC like PiPo Tablet PC, Android TV Sticks etc

The following procedure below will show you how to flash or upgrade these devices to factory mode.

Download and install RockChip USB drivers from here

Download and extract the latest version of RockChip batch tool from here

Run RKBatch Tool from inside the extracted folder

Click the Browse button on FW Path

Navigate to the folder containing the firmware of the device you want to flash or upgrade

RockChip batch tool will now load the firmware selected. When you see loading firmware finished, it implies the firmware loading process is complete.

Turn off the device then press and Hold volume up button  and connect it to PC.

Keep holding the volume up button until Rockchip batcch tool detect the device ie under connected devices, you will see a Green icon showing its connected.

Once connected, Click on Restore button for flash process to start.

The flashing process can take about 10 minutes to complete depeding on the size of the firmware

Once you see Upgrade Done Success, then the flash process is complete.

Device will reboot.


  1. Enter your comment...sorry for posting here brother please I hAve a techno Y2 after flashing is showing only white I have tried some many file is still showing white b11 4069 please help me out thanks

  2. i dont have a vol up key only home back navi


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