How to Fix null/invalid imei of MTK devices using MAUI META 3G tool

Sometimes after flashing/upgrading and mtk device, the device ends up having no signal from network provider which is a result of corrupted imei number. If you dail *#06#, you will discover that the imei number is null or invalid. To fix this problem we can easily use the popular MTK Engineering app but it works only on some android OS (Android 5.1 and below) and also only when the baseband of the device is OK. The following tutorial below will show you how to fix imei problems of mtk devices including fixing of baseband issues. This tool is way better than all the others.

Change of imei number is illegal
Do this at your own risk!

MTK VCOM Drivers
BP Modem database file of your device

Download and install MTK VCOM drivers from here
Download and install MAUI META 3G from here
You can always find the BP Modem database (BPLGUInfoCustomAppSrcP_MT6XXX……) file of your device inside the stock firmware/ROM folder. If the stock firmware of this device is not available at the moment, the BPLGUInfoCustomAppSrcP_MT6XXX…. file can also be found inside the following folder of your device /system/etc/mddb/. Navigate there using a root explorer app and copy it out to any folder in your phone then later transfer it to PC.
how to locate BP modem database file
Run MAUI META 3G as administrator.
Under Options, select Only preloader port (optional).
Under Connection type, select the type of device you want to change/repair imei (Smart phone, Feature phone or Dongle).
Click Reconnect button
The red circle will start blinking waiting for mtk device to be connected.
Turn off device and connect to PC.

Device will boot up in MEATA MODE.
After few seconds, the device will successfully connect to MAUI META 3G Tool, then blinking red circle will stop and turn into yellow.

Now that your device is successfully connected, close the Get version window that pops up.
Now from the drop down menu (Get Version), select IMEI download.
A new window will pop up click on Change NVRAM Database then navigate and select the BP Modem database file of your device.
Enter the imei number of your device in the text boxes under SIM_1 and SIM_2
Click Download to flash button and wait for the process to complete (it doesn't take a second).
When it’s done, you will see a success message at the bottom of MAUI META 3G TOOL

Disconnect and boot up device.
Dail *#06# and you will see that your imei number is repaired/changed.

Watch video tutorial

Hope this helps
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  1. Thank you sir please can you shows us how to repair baseband for iOS Apple phones i mean

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  3. this is the best and simple solution for all MTK device thank you very much bro live a long life. If you will get a time please teach us how to repair huawei imei chipset qualcomm.thanks again

  4. does not connect to lenovo s850,, what do i do? but my case is unknown baseband...

  5. Thanks for this great information. You can visit for more tech updates

  6. Hola buenas una pregunta ami no me sale la carpeta (mddb)


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