Nokia 3310 is back!!!

Nokia 3310 2017 model
Nokia 3310 2017 Model

Nokia 3310 “the iconic indestructible mobile phone” is back and even with a better battery life. All the rumors became true when this device was unveiled at the mobile World congress in Barcelona. Even though the device is produced by the new owners of Nokia (HDM), everything about it still looks the same just like the beast of old. This phone is just a 2G feature phone with no 4K screen or any other smart stuffs but it has been one of the most talked about phones this first quarter of 2017.

Available in 4 different colours with 2.4 inch TFT colour screen which is slightly bigger than that of the old one also this time, it will be running on an updated version of nokia’s S30 software. The device is not heavy heavy pocket friendly since its thickness is now half of the original but will still be durable.

HDM says the battery life of the new 3310 is 10 times better. They also claim it can last upto 1 month on standby mode wow now that’s what I call a perfect backup phone.
3310 2017 version now has a micro usb port for charging and transfer of data (no more big pin charger lol) and also a headphone socket at the bottom.

If you are addicted to snake game like me ☺ there’s a new an improved version preloaded in the phone. This handset has 16MB ROM and can take upto 32GB micro sdCard for media files. 

Music, FM Radio, Bluetooth 3.0, 2MP camera with LED flash for simple snaps.
Available in single and dual SIM variants.

Overall this device is the same iconic nokia 3310 of old packaged with modern software, new beautiful colours and extra battery power.

This device is said to be sold at $50 will you buy it at this price?

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