3uTools the all in one tool for Apple iOS devices

From file management to backing up and even jailbreaking your iOS device, 3uTools is that great standalone program that can do this and lots more. Simple and clean interface which is really easy to use just makes it awesome.

You can manage files, books, videos and also import music files to your iphone, ipad, ipod with just few clicks using 3uTools.

This tool allows you to download apps, directly to your device without going to App Store. There are also many fun ringtone and wallpaper for you to download and customize your device.

Full backup and restore of your iOS device is made easy using this app. You can convert videos, clean junk files, view call history and notes and manage phone contacts and messages.

More so, 3uTools offers one click jail break of iOS devices There are also other more advanced tools for you to use if you know what you are doing. You can find out more about this tool using it yourself ☺.

Download 3uTools from here

Hope this helps.
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