How to rest MI Account on Xiaomi MI A1 with test point using umt tool

Factory reset protection FRP as we know is the added protection that usually comes on new latest android devices. This mode is triggered when a user reset a device directly from recovery when a Google account is already signed into the device. Well the above is a norm on almost all android devices with android 5.0 and above but Xiaomi devices usually come with added protection by not just locking the device only with Google account but also with MI account.
So the following tutorial below will show you how you can remove this MI Account lock on Xiaomi A1 using UMT QCfire tool.

UMT QCfire 

How to remove mi account
Install Xiaomi qualcomm drivers
Connect device to PC & put into EDL mode either using  test point (recommended), edl cable or fastboot commands
Below is and image showing the edl test point for xiaomi MI A1.

To use the test point above, make sure the battery is disconnected then you bridge both marked points using a pair of twezzers or somthing metal. You will see connection on PC.

Now Launch UMT QCfire
Select Read & Tools tab
Click on Reset Mi Acc button under Xiaomi Special tab.
Wait until the process is finished

When process is finished, connect battery and boot up device
Note that first boot after this process takes longer than usual.

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Hope this helps

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