Monday, 1 June 2015

Download SP Flash Tools Latest version

Flash complete roms smart phone (stock roms & custom roms) 
Flash just recovery image to phones eg. ClockWorkMod recovery.
Format MTK android smart phones.
Readback roms and do memory test on smart phones.
Learn how to use SP Flash Tools from here

Download the latest versions of Smart phone flash tool ( SP Flash Tool ) below.

SP Flash Tool v5.1620

SP Flash Tool v5.1616

SP Flash Tool v5.1548

SP Flash Tool v5.1532

SP Flash Tool v5.1528

SP Flash Tool v5.1524

SP Flash Tool v5.1520

SP Flash Tool v5.1516

SP Flash Tool v5.1512

SP Flash Tool v5.1504

SP Flash Tool v5.1452

SP Flash Tool v5.1436

SP Flash Tool v5.1408

SP Flash Tool v5.1352

SP Flash Tool v3.1344

SP Flash Tool v3.1332

SP Flash Tool v3.1328

SP Flash Tool v3.1316
SP Flash Tool v3.1312


  1. Hey, what if the phone,s ROM was not backed up earlier, the phone didn't boot after changing the system font Using the Hifont app...

    1. you will need to download the phones ROM then use this tool and flash only system.img.
      If you like do a full flash of the phone.

  2. hi have managed to flash my phone, but the camera crashes, i can't sign in a google account, go to play store or do any browsing on it.

    1. Do a factory reset an see if it solves your problem

  3. Invalid or deleted file...... Why

  4. thanks sharing

    check latest version for SPD upgrade Tool
    SPD upgrade Tool

    1. Baba,please help me my tecno Z is completely dead. How do I go about it?
      Thank you.

  5. Please help out with my xtouch x3mini, I downloaded the stock rom and flashed it but it keeps hanging at the phone logo.. I did everything correctly but still no positive outcome. Thanks..

  6. please help me with wiko slide2 stock rom

  7. i tried using spd upgrade tool but after loading the pac and i press start nothing happens pls help


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