Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How to bypass factory reset protection (Google Account lock) on some spreadtrum and mtk devices with 2016 security patch

Factory Reset protection is the new security google added to android lollipop. When you reset the device from recovery menu, FRP switch is tripped which will ask the user to input the Google account that was previously used on the device. Even though this was made for security reasons, we sometimes forget the account details that was on the device before reset so stuck on input Google account details.

Some weeks ago I shared a method on how to bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on SPD devices. That method would work if the phone is not running on the 2016 security patch. The following method I'm sharing now will walk you through on how to bypass frp on devices with 2016 security patch.

The method is almost similar like the previous one I shared but just a change of app used. We will be using Quick Shortcut Maker apk this time around.

This method can also work on some other devices
Make sure device have at least 30% battery life
Do this at your own risk

Follow the screenshots or read the tutorial below

Download Quick Shortcut  Maker app from here

Insert SIM card into phone and boot it up
Call the number inside the phone
Answer the call by swiping up to message icon
Select Write your own message from the pop up

It will now take you to messaging interface
Now tap the Call icon found near the number you used in calling
It will take you to dialer interface
Click on contacts icon (head near call button)

Now select any contact
Click on the menu icon (3 dots) at the top right and select Share

Select Xender from the list of apps that popup
Connect device to PC and transfer Quick Shortcut Maker app to phone (you can also send it using Xender)
Under Xender, swipe to files tab, then navigate, locate an install Quick Shortcut  Maker app
Launch it after installation is complete.

After launching Quick Shortcut, you will see a bunch of settings
Type in Google Account in the Search Bar
Select Google Account Manager from the list
Under Google Account Manger, scroll down and select the option with Type Email and Password 
Now Tap Try to launch it

You will now see Re-type password page
Tap the 3 dots at top right and select Browser Sign-in
Tap OK and sign in your Account (Connect device to a WiFi network)
After a successful Sign-in, you will be faced with Quick Shortcut app interface

Reboot the phone and set it up normally.

If you are doing this for somebody, after the bypass, go and do a factory reset from settings menu (Backup and Reset option) so as to clear your account from the device.

Hope this helps............


  1. Well done sir, thanks for the good work, God bless you abundantly.point to note that not all this spreadtrum phones have xender including in the share option. What do we do if not included ?

    1. Yea that's a good observation. If i'm with one of such devices, I will do a tutorial on that

  2. Thanks so much for your help. You are in fact a life safer. Just to help a little, for phones with no Xender, what I did to mine was to, Tap the recent apps touch navigator (the square). It popped up all recent apps with Google search Bar on it then I searched for files. From the files I installed Quick Shortcut Menu, thats it. It always helps to follow and then come out too with something to support. TeamWork is what it is called I guess. Thanks once again bro Amparas TKing. You ROck.

  3. Nice work boss, but your whatsapp number has been offline for so long

  4. hi there, i got a problem, i just click in the google account manager, but is have not the type email or password. do you know what is the problem? my device is samsung A5(2016), i have also tried android ver. 5.1.1 and 6.0.1, its still happening. hope you can tell me what the problem is, many thanks for that!!!!!!

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  6. Kudos to you boss, you are too much

  7. It's work for me perfectly on Itel it1407
    Great work

  8. goooooooooooood thanxxxxxxxxxxx 10000000000%

  9. please help me how to bypass blackberry stv100-3

  10. it dosent take mne to message interface.... please help?

  11. Thanks bro am very very greatful

  12. Vivaaaaaa! The method works 100%......thanx brooooo keep it up

  13. I don't have the 3 dot option! Help

  14. thanks alot boy god bless u i add that you can also do it via mobiles network by installing GSM resolved frp so you settles your mobiles network and you activate them that is if you dont have any wifi near and the rest is what is in your tutorial

  15. Excellent, worked on my it1407....you are a life saver

  16. Ples help my huawei p9 vns-l31 if frp lock and I tried several method on youtube bit to no avail

  17. Ples help my huawei p9 vns-l31 if frp lock and I tried several method on youtube bit to no avail

  18. Please I have infinix x554 SPD frp lock but it has no xender app on it and I don't know what to do please help

    1. if you can get into dailer, dail *#*#4636#*#* when you are on Testing page, tap battery information then press the back icon near battery info to enter settings. Since its a chinko phone you will be able to launch file manager from Apps in settings. When you launch it install Quickshortcut app or frpbypass app and do the rest.
      You can still share with Mail app then sign in a non gmail account. click the attach button and select quickshortcut or frpbypass app. When its atached, press the attached app again to install and do the rest

  19. Yo Yo Yo bro i salute cuz u r de best geek i have ever seen. Thank you soo much cuz if it wasnt u i wld be in a crises. You are de man.

    But i used the first step which you will highlight the library and search for the settings and i opened the "file manager" in the "apps", from there i installed the "quick shortcut maker" and followed your process but all the credit goes to you man, You are the Boss. SALUTE

  20. I need the solution for Tecno c7 pliz

  21. You are a good good good man

  22. You are a good good good man


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