Download an install android adb drivers from here
Extract the contents of the ROM.

Boot your device into fastboot mode
To boot to fastbot mode, remove battery, hold volume down button and connect the device to your computer,
release the volume down button about 5 secs after the logo is displayed.

Launch Android AIO flasher.exe

Tick boot
click Select file( browse and select the boot.img file)
Tick erase
click flash

Wait till you see "writing boot...OK" before you know boot.img is flashed to the device.

Now you will have to flash sys.yaffs2.img file.
Tick System
click Select file( browse and select the sys.yaffs2.img file)
tick erase
click flash

Wait till you see "writing sys.yaffs2.img OK" before you know boot.img is flashed to the device.
This process can take about 2 mins.

Disconnect device from computer.
While holding volume-up connect it back to the computer.
keep holding volume up till you enter the Android 3e stock recovery menu.
using volume up and down to move 
select "wipe cache", PRESS power button to select

Select "wipe data/factory reset"

Restart phone 


  1. may i know if the same procedure can be applied to tecno p5
    also where can i find the boot.img because my phone stuck on erasing data

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  4. Pls can help me on how i can do to flash my tecno p3

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