After rooting our android devices with one click apps like
iRoot also known as vRoot, learn how to use it from here or KingRoot,
the application that manages our root permission is King User or a Chinese app with Horse head like icon. If you want to completely remove and replace these apps with the popular Chain Fire SuperSU app, just follow the procedures below.

Download and install SuperSu-Me from play store.
Launch SuperSu-Me after installation.
Grant Root permission to Super Su -Me by tapping Allow on the pop up that appears.
Once SuperSu-Me is fully launched, A big blue button is seen with your device model, Android version & chip present.
Tap the big blue button and wait for it to do its magic.
This process can take up to a minute.
When the process is complete, SuperSu app is launched automatically.
KingUser or the Chinese app will no more be found on your app tray.
Verify if SuperSU is working properly by using Root checker app (get on play store).

After this process, you can uninstall Super SU-Me (not really necessary).
Super Su-Me is created by xda developer gatesjunior

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