If you did brick your MOTOROLA  Android device and looking for the best way to fix it here is an easy rundown on how to bring it back to its normal state.

This tutorial also apply for those who just want to apply an update to their Motorola android device. Thats if you have the Original ROM update of the MOTOROLA.

Watch video tutorial from here

Download MOTOROLA Drivers from here.
Download RSD Lite from here.
Install the RSD Lite on your computer.
Download the stock android ROM or updated ROM of your Motorola device.
Unzip the stock ROM.
Inside the extracted folder there is a .XLM file. 
Launch RSD Lite.
Load the ROM by clicking on the three dot button; navigate to the extracted folder & select the .xml file
Boot your Motorola Device into fastboot mode. (Hold Vol. up & vol Down then press Power button. Select AP Fastboot)
Connect the device with your computer by using phone’s USB cord
RSD Lite will detect the device & fastboot and connected will appear.
Click on Start.
Wait for the process to complete.
Phone will reboot. First boot after this process takes a while be patient.
If phone boot loops, Enter recovery and do a factory reset.

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