PEPSI to release smartphones soon!

It seems the smartphone business is really on an eruption now. We see and hear all sorts of name nowadays on phones. Here comes PepsiCo Inc the company which produces pepsi soft drinks are now working with a license partner to release their own line of smartphones.

Leaks has it that the name of their first smartphone will be Pepsi P1 which is going to be a mid range device. Its also said that this device will be released later this month in China.

Pepsi P1 will be a 5.5 inch device with 1080p display
Pre loaded with Android 5.1 lollipop
Running on a MediaTek MT6582 SoC with 2GB RAM 
Large internal storage of 16GB which is expandable with microSD
13MP rear camera with flash and a 5MP selfie camera
Powered by a 3000mAH battery

Now I'm just wondering if other rival companies like coca-cola will come up with their own line of smartphones lol.. For me the device will look more of a product won from pepsi in a promo.
What do you think about this...

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  2. The delivered Pepsi P1s Phones contain unremovable malware in the following applications includes :
    „HD-Player“ ; „File Manager“ ; „“
    This malware can not be removed by Flash the ROM- File "Koobee P1S 29/06/2016 12:13 am " because it contains malware .
    Found with 360 Security - Antivirus Boost


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