How to flash/unbrick MTK smart phones using MultiPortDownload Tool

Multiport Download Tool (MDT) is just another great alternative tool used for flashing MTK smart phones. Follow the steps below and learn how to use Multiport Download Tool to flash or unbrick MTK devices.

romkingz takes no take responsibility on whatever may happen to your device.
Do at this your own risk

Watch video or follow instructions from below

Download MultiportDownloadTool for smart phones from here (Latest version preferable)
Download and install smart phone drivers from here

Extract the MultiportDownloadTool you downloaded
Launch SPMultiPortFlashDownloadProject.exe

If you get a pop up showing Fail (its because the DA file has not been loaded),

Just click OK
To load DA file, click on File and select Open Download Agent File then navigate to the folder of MultiportDownloadTool and select MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin

Click Scatter file button
Navigate to the folder containing the ROM 
Select the scatter file found inside (eg. MT6582_Andriod_scatter)

Under DA Download All Section,
Tick high speed and Auto detect

Open Device Manager by clicking on Help and select Device Manager
Double Click on Ports (COM & LPT)
Connect the device you want to flash
Note the COM Port number
Disconnect the device
On some versions of MultiportDownloadTool , all you need is to click Scan button and connect the device.The COM port will be detected automatically.

Go back to MultiportDownloadTool and tick the COM Port noted
Click Start button on the corresponding port number ticked.
Now connect the device with battery inserted.
Flash process begins when you see a yellow progress bar
The process is complete when you see DL OK and 100% in the progress bar.

Check out the screen shots of the full procedure on how to use sp multi port download tool below


If you see a pop up showing FAIL with Cannot find CheckSum.ini file.....  after clicking Start button,

Download CheckSum_Gen.exe from here

Copy it to the folder containing the scatter file
Launch CheckSum_Gen.exe 

Wait for the process to complete and he CheckSum.ini file (process takes about 30seconds)

You can now click Start button to flash your device.


  1. Thank you so much, worked just fine for me :)

  2. Thanks a lots for giving us valuable information. Its working.

  3. i run a scan and says fail what to do?

  4. a mi me arro el siguiente error, warning may be error follows com ports number repetitive or invalid brom and preloader have the same com port number please modify them in ini file or scan pueden ayudarme gracias.

  5. How fix error cann't find backup data files

  6. Please the scatter file show fail

  7. trying to run the checksum.exe and i get an error before it completes saying 'there are two files with filter: "recovery.img" '
    please help

  8. after successful flashing my doogee x5 pro the display is nothing...blur...once switch on the device only vibrate and nothing appeared...can u help me?

  9. says DL error. What should be done for that?

  10. is there shortcut to flash my phone?

  11. "the memory buffer for loading image fail"how resolve this problem??

  12. i really need your help, i download the exact preferred version but is not seeing port. everything is NA, but on other version it kept on saying bin not loaded and mis match in storage. am think may be the stock rom i downloaded is not valid, but that is the same thing i use to do it the first time and it was working perfectly before having low battery and it shut down refusing to charge and switch on. am using infinix x403, kindly advice me on what to do and getting a better stock rom. can reach me back on my email: [email protected].

  13. is there also such tool for linux

  14. Enable DRAM failed Error 4032

    Any solution?
    Please help ASAP!

    Thank you...

  15. Please Help.

    I followed the steps and got DL ERROR.

    What do I do?

  16. lost imei so cant make callls and also camera not working

  17. The links to the tecno y5s tock roms nolonger works.

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