Resistance Retribution PSP ISO

Resistance Retribution is a third person shooter action-aventure game. Yea I know this game is old but the story line says different its totally interesting in many ways. The shooting in this game is intense. In this dramatic story to avenge a fallen brother, help Grayson to to destroy Chimera and retake Euroupe.
So many wapons and different types of ememies.
Play different multiplayer modes wtih your friends via adhoc connections.

Well this game is for PSP so you will have to play it using a PSP emulator.
PPSSPP is the best PSP emulator which is available for android and PC users.
Android users download PPSSPP from here
PC users download PPSSPP from here

Resistance Retribution ISO
Size - 1.29GB

This game uses the square, triangle, circle and cross button for weapon aim movement. I like using gamepad so prefer playing this game on PC than android. Since I'm using gamepad, I use right analogue stick for weapon aim control  :D

If you experience game lagging or running slow on your device, do the following:
Goto settings > Graphics 
Frameskipping 1 
Spline/Bezier curves quality - low

If its Still slow,
Goto Settings > Audio
Audio latency - low

If its still  really slow
Untick Enable sound

To configure 2 players or Multiple players mode,
Both devices must have installed PPSSPP with Resistance Retribution ISO.
Create hotspot on one device and then connect the other device (Data connection is not needed just turn on only hotspot).

Now on both device

Goto settings > Networking
Tick Enable networking/WLAN (Beta, may break games)
Change PRO adhoc server IP address an input
Tick Enable built-in PRO ad hoc server

Now you can connect and play local  multiplayer modes.


  1. I know this shooting game through a friend from shell shockers. This game is quite fun and interesting. Everyone should try it once.

  2. What you share I absorb quickly and easily, octordle
    is my favorite game, I would like to invite you to play


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