A software bug found on MediaTek (MTK) Chipset leaves some devices with potential risk

Manufacturers of MTK Smart Phone Chipsets MediaTek says that there is a bug found on android devices running on their chipset which put the device at great risk. This bug actually affects only devices running on android 4.4 kitkat.

MediaTek says their security team is aware of the issue and says the bug is caused due to the fact that debug feature is enabled which was made for testing in China. Smart Phone manufacturers which use this chip are suppose to turn off the feature before shipping out the products to consumers. Some of the phone manufacturer did not do this thus resulting in this security threat.

This bug can actually allow a hacker to attack any vulnerable device and enable root access on it. With root acess, the attacker can spy an intercept messages, brick the device, install unauthorized apps etc. 

MediaTek never gave any solution to this. They only said they have informed the phone manufacturers who use their chip about this loop hole.


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