How to solve "An error has occurred and Blackberry World must close...." on BB10 devices

Sometimes after upgrading a BB10 device to a later OS version, this error message pops up when you launch the Blackberry World App "An error has occurred and Blackberry World must close. Try Waiting a few minutes and then reopen Blackberry World"

This might be as a result of
*The data subscription on the SIM is not supported by the Blackberry World App
*The Blackberry World App is Malfunctioning or not stable on the device.
If you feel that the network data plan thats the problem, turn on the Wi-Fi on the BB10 and connect to a working hotspot network. Launch the Blackberry World App and voila you can now start to search and download apps in no time on your device.

If you feel the Blackberry World App is not stable on your phone, Follow the procedures below to reload the blackberry world app on your device
*Download and install Blackberry Link or Blackberry Blend on your PC 
*Download & launch BB10 BlackBerry World Recovery Tool from here
*Select Yes when you see "do you want to install the latest version of Blackberry World?" 
*Connect your BB10 device to PC and wait for installation process to complete. (installation progress will be seen on the BB10 device)
*When you see Load Complete, disconnect your device & click OK
*Now Launch your Blackberry World App
*After some seconds you might get pop up message "To continue using Blackberry World, you must upgrade your current version." Click Upgrade and wait for process to complete.

Hope this helps Happy BlackBerry Worlding!!!!!!!

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