How will Mobile Phones look like in the next 10 - 20 years ?

Yesterday morning I was just going through my old stuffs then I stumbled on a Nokia 3310. I picked it up and laughed for a while then tried to power it with its charger & behold the phone powered on. I was so surprised because this phone has been there for ages without anyone touching it. After charging it for like 20 minutes, I turned it on then scroll down the menu straight to games and launch Snake. After playing it for like ten minutes shattering all my high scores LOL, I then remembered a question the CEO of AANetworkTech in Zaria ask me “How will mobile phones look like in the next 5-10 years”. I paused & wondered for a moment then the words “TOO MANY POSSIBILITIES” stuck on my mind.
Since I do not have any Harry Porter Magic Wand nor some time travel machine to know what’s installed in the future and I’m no expert so I can only tell how phones could be using current trends which is based on the comparison of past and present devices.

Now most of us buy phones based on the following features processor, RAM, display (size, ppi), camera & battery. Manufacturers, geniuses in MIT and other great institutions in the world are cooking up something which will beat the current technology we have right now.

Back in the days, the size and shape of mobile phones where horribly big, thick in size, and heavy too. You can’t even put them in your pocket because you might end up with sagged jeans LOL. I remember we use to call them “Petit pain” ie small bread in French. Now we see phones which are as thin as 5.1 mm, very light in weight which can slide into all types of pockets with ease. With nano tech coming up, I expect to see thinner an even flexible phones in the future.

Gone are the days when flagship phones had small black & white displays or black and green as in the case of this Nokia 3310 I’m holding here :D. Now manufacturers produce phones with very large displays with better colour and pixel per inch.  Well these phones are still with 2D displays but with the speed at which technology is going, I expect next gen handsets to have 3D displays, projectors & even holograms.

We use to use phones just for texting and making calls playing light games no multi-tasking etc thus small processor & RAM. Smart Phones now are not just for calling and texting but an all round multimedia device (camera, music, videos, games, etc) . Just few years ago a smart phone with 1GHz Processor and 512Mb RAM was too cool now we see phones with specs that rival that of some PC. Next gen phones will have killer specs which will be able to do all sorts of stuffs.

Take a selfie, post it, share it & like it that’s what’s trending now. These pics are mostly taken using our smartphone cameras. Camera on phones now range from 0.3 MP to about 42 MP which is supposed to be sharper than the human eye yet some of us are not still satisfied with the quality of pictures it produces so we need and know that something better will come up soon. But when these cameras are optimized, the larger the file size of the pictures, even the sizes of apps and other multimedia stuffs are also getting bigger in size. Storage space of phones has been on an increase so as to accommodate much of this. We now see SDcard with up to 128GB space. I will be expecting to see phones with 256GB or more internal storage soon.

Long Battery Life, Long Battery Life, Long Battery Life is the cry. What most of us really want on our smart phones is a long battery life due to the way we use our smartphones. In the last couple of years, battery life of phones are getting better. We now see phones with 6000MaH battery which can quick charge in about 40 mins. Due to the size (thickness) of battery, it affects the dimension of the phone. Thus we end up with slightly thick phones (eg 10.9mm). But with upcoming nano technology or something new I expect that there will be new and better ways to manage power on chips which will use smaller battery eliminating thick phones.

These are just some points which might even end up wrong because of human behavior. But if its correct, I hope to have that next gen phone with like 10GHz thirty core processor, 22GB RAM, 512GB internal storage, 120MP Camera and whatever GPU that’s cool in that era hahahahahahahahaha

Drop your own cool features you will like to see on smartphones in the future..


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