How to remove Factory Reset Protection on Samsung devices using Odin


Samsung included the factory reset protection on most of their new devices. So after using factory reset from recovery menu, setting up the phone requires you to enter the Google account used previously on the phone which can be annoying especially if you bought the phone from someone and just need to set it up as a new device.

This tutorial will show you how to remove this FRP lock on Samsung devices using odin.
First of all you will need to Download and install Samsung USB drivers from here
Download Odin from here
Download and extract FRP Reset Pack from here
Inside the extracted folder, you will see FRP of different devices.
Extract the one of the device you want to remove FRP lock
Launch Odin
Click on PDA or AP button
Navigate to the folder containing the FRP file of your device
Select the file (eg J700F_FRP_Reset)
Boot device into download mode by Holding Volume Down + Home + Power button
Connect device to PC using USB
Odin will detect device and display its COM PORT
Click Start button and wait for process to complete (takes about 5secs)
Reboot Device

The Pack above contain FRP files for the following phones below
If you get and error message with invalid md5, rename the file from tar.md5 to tar

G550FY, G920F, G920I, G920T, G920T, G920T1, G920T1, G920w8, G925F, G925i, G925I, G925T, G925w8, G928C, G928F, G928G, G928I, G928T, G928w8, J700F, N920C, N920G, N920G, N920I, N920T, N920w8
SBOOT_G920F, SBOOT_G920I, SBOOT_G920t, SBOOT_G920t1, SBOOT_G920t1, SBOOT_G920w8, SBOOT_G925F, SBOOT_G925I, SBOOT_G925t, SBOOT_G925w8, SBOOT_G928C, SBOOT_G928F, SBOOT_G928G, SBOOT_G928I, SBOOT_G928t, SBOOT_G928w8, SBOOT_N920C, SBOOT_N920G, SBOOT_N920I, SBOOT_N920t, SBOOT_N920w8

More will be added as time goes on


  1. nice one.... wat abt FRP on mtk devices... is thr any way to remove it without flashing an mtk backup

    1. yes you can get the full firmware of the mtk phone. use sp flash tool to format and then download the firmware to the mtk phone. it will remove frp. i have tried on several mtk phones

    2. Yes, some MTK Devices have FRP files to remove them, or you can use any MTK Chinese dongle/box like CM2 or Miracke to reove it

  2. yes there is a way u can use cracked miracle box under mtk tab.u will see reset frp/settings.that should do the job for u.

    1. Please how can I get the cracked miracle box maybe link so I can download

  3. using cracked miracle ... i tried, it didnt work.

  4. hi how to download FRP files link not working open adds sites

  5. J200g frp reset files or j210f

  6. Maybe this can help you all
    FRP samsung unlock here :

    SM-J105F (tested by me)
    and there you can download miracle crack too..

    site :


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