How to unlock MTK devices locked with Pattern Lock without Factory Reset

This is the second tutorial on miracle box for newbies.
for other Miracle box tutorial, click here

Most times its annoying to factory reset a device just to remove pattern code because apps, data & some user settings will wipe out.

This tutorial will show you how to read and unlock the pattern lock of any MTK device without factory reset it.

Just watch the video or follow the steps below

Download and install MT65XX drivers from here
Download Miracle Box from here
Launch Miracle Box
Under MTK Tab, Click Unlock/Fix
Tick Read Pattern
Click Start Button
Now turn off device and connect to PC using USB cord
Miracle Box will detect device
Wait for few seconds for Miracle to analyse the pattern data of the device
When you see Done, Know the process is complete
The Pattern code will be displayed in numbers which you will input according to the 3X3 matrix input on your phone
Example: 125789
You will draw the pattern from dot 1 to 2 to 5 to 7 to 8 to 9


  1. Under android stuff, when I click read info, is writing timeout. Pls chk pinouts or redo. Pls any solution to dat

  2. good work sir,what of volcano box

  3. goodmorning boss,pls ma miracle box v2.27A just stop working,i cant click on the start button anymore,am confused because recently my win7 jst start showing windows is not genuine that i shud activate it......and the miracle box is asking me to download i dont know if its the windows that is making miracle box not to work or it is the windows.....i cant click in start buton anymore

  4. or its the update i avnt downloaded.......

  5. Nice posts bro u a great, gud in everything...your posts a very comprehensive
    So far I have learnt alot from u keep up the spirit u a my hero. Thanks

  6. Thank you bossssssssss .it work 1000% with
    miracle cracked.


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