Clear you head this weekend with facebook messenger hidden soccer and basketball game

This has been around for a while but I'm sure a lot of people don't know about it. Facebook made this so if you are not chatting with your friends you can compete with them for high score in this game. The game play is more like the hidden lollipop game on android phones but I guess they were trying to create something like juggling with the ball.

If you will like to compete and have some fun with your friends online with this game, follow the following procedures below.
  • Download and install or update to the latest facebook messenger on your Android or iOS device
  • When you are chatting with a friend, tap the emoji icon and send the friend a soccer ball
  • Now tap on the soccer ball to start the game.
The main aim of this game is to keep the soccer ball up as long as possible. Just tap the ball to start then keep tapping it so it should not go off the screen.

Many people will think since its just tapping on the screen, the game will be easy, no its not after playing it about 200 times my highest score is just 18 and I still can't believe it.
Note that this game is kind of addictive you are warned.

You can also play the hidden basketball game inside messenger too. Just follow the same steps but this time send a basketball emoji instead.

Have a happy well what's left of the weekend :D :D

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