Guest Post: The Best And Most Updated Nigerian Music Chart Sites 2016

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Music they say is an oil to the soul. However if you want to get the best out of these you must keep track of the music charts and top rated songs across the internet. The internet has made it easy to download just about any song you want for free and these songs are being rated on a daily basis to perfect delivery and optimization of the peoples' choice.

Music chart is a ranking which comprises of : popular recorded songs, trending artist, popular music videos, and the biggest current songs in a specific region or/and a  period of time. The items are ranked using a variety of factors. Chart factors include: TV and radio airplay, record sales, streaming platforms, social media, YouTube and Dailymotion views as well as the most downloaded songs and videos.

Below are a few of our favorite charts to keep your oil running.


Africa Charts is a music intelligence company that focuses on providing music analytics, industry statistics, and insights. They track hundreds of thousands of African songs around the globe measuring their popularity and reach, to provide specialized insight for artist, tour promoters, retailers, record labels, marketers, and passionate music fans.

In addition They are also the official, trusted weekly source of what’s popular in music right now for numerous regions throughout Africa. They are best known for the Official Single Charts (Top 50 Songs), as well as the Top 50 Artist and Top Music Videos.

Pulse Nigeria –

Pulse Nigeria – is Nigeria's popular news platform online. 24/7 news, gist, music, movies, events, sports and more. has a valid music chart updates in an unspecified period of time. is an online Nigerian-based entertainment and lifestyle website with the latest newsvideos, music, fashion and other information you need to know.

LuvMP bring you the week's most popular current songs across the country, ranked by radio, itune downloads and Music Trends.

MyMusic lets you download songs conveniently and easily and collects payments via phone credit or card. On mobile, you can download in just two clicks while on web, once you type in your phone number, we send you an sms to varify your line and if you input the correct pin code, your song starts downloading. You can download songs and pay with your phone credit or card in about 80 countries on over 300 networks. 

My music run about 50 hot trending music across the country. is an entertainment blog aimed at delivering latest Music from Nigeria both Audio and Video (with mobile device compatibility) with high audio quality.

They present Top 10 Hit Nigerian Music Download for the month.


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