How to remove "Activation Required" on Blackberry devices

When using Blackberry devices running on CDMA network like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T etc, you will see the message "Activation Required" at the top of your screen instead of the carriers name  of the SIM you inserted even if you are on a data plan you will still see this message. This does not affect anything while using the phone but some people find this message very annoying.

Well the following steps below will show you how to easily get rid of this "Activation Required" on your Blackberry smart phone.

Make sure you have at least 30% battery life
This might not work on Sprint devices

You will need to access CDMA settings menu. To do that,
Open Dailer
Type in ##000000 OR ##11111 and press Call button

Inside CDMA menu, insert your number at the Mobile Directory Number Field or simply add 200 infront of the numbers that are already there

Scroll down and SAVE

Phone will reboot an Activation Required" gone

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