Download Blackberry DTEK50 Autoloader

If you are having issues like hanging, sluggishness or you just want a to do a clean install on your Blackberry priv, the following autoloaders below will help you do just that.

*Using any of the autoloader below will wipe your device completely. Make sure you do a backup of your userdata (pictures, music, contacts etc) before proceeding 
*Use the autoloader corresponding to your device because flashing your device with a  wrong autoloader will brick your device.
*Factory Reset Protection may be enabled on the device. Ensure you know the Google account and password on the device before you flash
*Flash at your own risk!!

Blackberry DTEK50 (Software Version AAG326)
STH 100-1 & STH 100-2

Blackberry DTEK50 (Software Version AAG124)
T-Mobile Germany STH 100-2

Blackberry DTEK50 (Software Verison AAG124)
Vodafone Europe STH 100-2

If its your first time to use blackberry autoloader, don't panic its a very easy task. Just follow the procedure below

Download and install Blackberry Android Support Software (contains blackberry USB drivers)
Download the autoloader of the blackberry device you want to flash
Launch the autoloader
A command prompt console will appear
When you see Connecting to Bootrom: connect device to PC and wait for process to complete
When its complete, device will reboot.


  1. please sir how will i kwnon d diference assumin d blackberry fones hangs on logo how will i kwn d file to use sir thanks boss of life

  2. can I install this rom to samsung j5?


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