Guest Post: 10 Best Budget Smartphones of 2016 (keeping Price Range between USD 0 – USD 200 in Mind)

The market is full of smartphones and big names like Apple IPhone, Samsung and others are dominating the smartphone markets, but when it comes to small budget cell phones that are perfect and worth buying, there are hardly few. The write-up entails such ten smartphones under $200 that are not only surprising but excellent in functionality too.  Christmas is around the corner so this phones can make great gifts for your love ones. Let’s have a look at what’s inside.

1.    Sony Xperia M4 Aqua
If you want a Smartphone under $200, Sony Xperia M4 is an excellent choice. The Sony brand has come up with something amazing, and it’s being believed to be a perfect addition to the series of Xperia. Regarding the camera, battery life, display, image quality, sounds and everything else, it’s simply incredible.

2.    Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3
The company, Alcatel is well-known for producing low rated phones but this 5.5 inches phone is stunning, and they named it OneTouch Idol 3. Everything, whether it’s display, battery life, camera, video quality and size, the phone is fantastic. In relative comparison to its competitors, this is a wonderful contribution indeed.

3.    Motorola Moto E
When it comes to Moto phones, these are the ever cost-effective and the brand introduces smartphones on affordable rates. It’s great to display, amazing camera results but there are few issues with its storage as it’s not sufficient and provides minimal space. The rest is fine, and it’s a worth using a cell phone.

4.    OnePlus X
I have personally used the first phone of OnePlus and it caught my attention. Now the next OnePlus X is very affordable and delivers what other phones provide at higher costs. It comes in a perfect size, offers bright display and the most favorite feature of the users, the camera is fantastic in capturing quality photos.

5.    ASUS ZenFone 2
This is another smartphone that’s not only very economical but proffers amazing specs in the low rates as well. The design and display of the phone are very attractive that the users would actually love. It comes with 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage and costs only $199. I personally think this new ASUS phone to be a beautiful and pleasant addition.

6.    Huawei Honor 5X
Huawei is one of the best brands nowadays when it comes to affordable and perfect smartphones. The Honor 5X is the latest addition to the powerful brand, and it’s an amazing phone under $200. Enriched with metal body, fingerprint sensor, 5.5-inch display and fantastic camera, the phone is an excellent selection for those who want a phone at reasonable charges.

7.    ZTE ZMAX 2
The MAX 2 is available at a cost of $180 and it’s indeed a fantastic smartphone. The whole series by this brand is great in quality, camera, display and other attributes but this phone is very economical and can be selected for purchase. I am sure; the users’ experience with this one will go outstanding.

8.    BLU Energy X
BLUE Energy X is available just in $120 and the most attractive factor in this smartphone is its battery. When you have a limited budget, try this one to gain an excellent experience. It has front and back cameras that are better as compared to other smartphones of this category. In short, it will be a wise selection to purchase.

9.    Nokia Lumia 735
This is the first window phone in our list of most economical smartphones. The phone is designed in a fantastic way, and its camera is good as well. This smartphone by NOKIA is really a great addition, and we highly recommend the users to get it if you have a limited budget. Moreover, the further specs can be checked on its official site.

10.    Samsung Galaxy J3
Undoubtedly, Galaxy series is really excellent and all of its phones are worth using. Its camera, battery life, display and all other specs are comparatively much better than other competitors in this range of price. In short, this is a good phone and can be bought to enjoy. 

There are thousands of smartphones but when it comes to best budgeting with affordable rates, there hardly a few smartphones that come up to the users’ expectation by delivering what they promise. The above listed phones are the best phone in range of $0-$200 and anyone from these can be purchased if you want to enjoy a great Android phone on reasonable costs.

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