Konga Yakata Black Friday Deals

Nigeria's online mega store Konga started its Yakata black Friday deals yesterday 18th which will last till the 21th of this month. During this period, Konga claims prices of some selected goods will be slashed down to about 50%.

you can buy some of your favorite stuffs or Christmas gift during this yakata deal at heavily reduced prices. Just make sure you are online when the deal is on. Its easier following up the yakata deals that will show on various days using the konga mobile app. You can get the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Blackberry World. It will alert you on the current latest deals that are on board straight on your mobile phone.

Finally make sure you scan through the products and get the best deal of your dream item. Happy shopping.

Follow the link on the banner below to take you to the current konga yakata deal.

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