RomKingz online phone unlock service coming soon!

For some time now I've been working on my own mobile phone unlocking site which is really a stressful task but now I can say its 75% done. Right now I'm just working on the loading speed, payment processors and other little stuffs.
RomKingz Mobile Unlock will offer IMEI Services (Unlock devices using IMEI numbers), FILE Services and SERVER Services (Box/Dongle Activation, Server credits, etc) with very fast unlock at affordable prices which I believe will help a lot of people. 

December is almost here and now the abroad friends/family members will be coming back home to spend the holidays. They usually come with gifts of phones and other gadgets. The phones are mostly locked to different networks which will not work on your home network. Some Phone programming service boxes and dongles (Z3X, Octoplus, Furious gold etc) can do the unlocking job but as it has always been not everyone will have this box/dongles or unlock of some new phones are not currently supported by them. Since my service is not yet 100% complete to go live, I'm still able to help unlock phones and modems via imei service only till my complete service go live.

If you have any phone or modem you want to unlock via imei contact me with the full details of the device I will get back to you with the price and payment method.

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  1. Replies
    1. all iphone services will also be available

    2. Ok. C quoi le moyen de payement? je suis au camounais

    3. Make it cheap as Nigeria as u know that economy is hard now 😤

  2. Very cool bro. I have always love your work here. Pls make it very affordable. God bless you bro

  3. a very good ideas since naira cards are temporarily restricted for transactions overseas. you are welcome sir. i have dongle and box for activation


  5. miracle cracked version failing to detect SPD devices help me out

  6. Hey Kingz.i got itel 1355 and there aint network on me out

    1. dail *#06# an check if your imei is still in tact. if not repair the imei with WriteImei tool for spd.

      >>> off topic..... are you in anyway related with Kongyuy Emmanuel or Marcel??


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