How to bypass FRP (Google Account lock) on SPD and MTK devices with updated 2016 security patch

This is just another tutorial to bypass FRP (Google account lock) on devices with Spreadtrum and MTK chips. If you have been following the my FRP tutorial series, you must have discovered that the main aim was just to install Quickshorcut or FRP bypass app then launch and signin in browser from the Google Account Manager there.

Now theres a new challenge. Most new devices are with updated with fresh security patch which makes it not possible to launch Google Account Manager app either from QuickShorcut or FRP bypass app. Anytime you launch crashes then you will see the annoying Unfortunately has stopped error message on screen also if the launch Google Account manager app, you will not find the usual 3 dots which will enable you signin via browser so as to bypass the lock.

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The following tutorial below will show you how to bypass this new security with ease

Romkingz is not responsible for how this tutorial is used
Do this at your own risk!! 

Download the following and copy to SDcard
Google Account Manager for Android 5.1 Lollipop or Android 6.0 Marshmallow (depending on OS on device)
Download FRP Bypass 1.0 from here

Boot device with SIM and SDcard inside
Connect phone to a working Wifi
Call the number inside the phone
When it rings, answer the call with message by swiping down to message icon
from the pop up, select edit message
This will take you to the message page
Now tap the phone icon near the phone number and it will take you to dailer
when you are on dailer, input *#*#4636#*#*
Select Battery info then tap the back icon to enter Settings page
You can now scroll down and select Apps in settings
Under Apps, you can locate and launch Xender or File manager (preferable)

Now inside File Manager or Xender, locate and install Google Account Manager app
When the app is installed, locate and install FRP Bypass 1.0 app
Launch FRP Bypass
Click the 3 dots
Select Browser Signin
Signin your Gmail account
When you are done signing in, Restart the device
The process is complete
Setup your device as normal and enjoy

If you are doing this for someone, remember to go and do a factory reset from settings so as to wipe out your account from the phone.

Hope this helps

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  1. Does it work with Axon 7? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

  2. thanks alot ROMKINGZ. i really appreciate

  3. Boss my galaxy Note 4 it have samsung account reativation help me how to remove it?

  4. Bro i figured out another trick for SPD devices that do not have XENDER installed in them, just connect to strong wifi network firstly, follow the normal instruction till you get to stage of typing the old user GOOGLE Account,before this make sure you have copied your frpreset apk into the phone, if you have done that then just double tap the home button it will take you to google search, type file manager you will locate your apk file, you know what to do

  5. Tecno W3 no 3dots for browser Signing please help m bro!

  6. New here.....itS simple miracle box locate UNLOCK FIX ,at d etreme u will see CLEAR SETTINGS FLIP,click it nd hit start button den connect ur phone with usb cable.
    NOTE..d boot shud be set to 11th boot because is w3

  7. Feel appreciated bro. Thanks:)

  8. Thanks my friend he just work for me with a clone tecno w3 spd phone

  9. Thank you very much boss, with the help of your post(although I had to do some things differently) I was able to get my fero mega lte working again.... Thanks very much

    1. i use same mobile but am finding it so difficult..can u pls help me


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