Simple ways to bypass factory reset protection (frp) on Huawei devices

Factory Reset protection or the Google account lock as some people call it is a new security that was added to android 5.1 and other new release of android os. When you do a factory reset from recovery menu while a google account is signed in, FRP security switch is tripped and when setting up the device, you will be asked to input the google account that was signed in. Well we are all humans and do forget stuffs sometimes. If you are stuck on inputting the google account on your Huawei device, one of the following below will show you how you can easily bypass this lock.

Basically, the main objective here is to look for a way to install frp bypass apk then sign in a google account but this first method does not require that because the android OS is running on an old security patch level. Here is how it goes

-Copy Quick Shortcut apk to SDcard then insert into device and boot.
-When you boot the device, take a screenshot of the page that appears.
-Now tap the share button that appears.
-Select facebook icon from the popup of share icons.
-Select the Signup for facebook link.
-On the next page that appears (Join Facebook), select any of the links.
-Now on the Terms of service page, select and highlight any word then select the search -icon that appears at the top.
-At the bottom of the search page you will see Web, Images, News etc. Just scroll and select phone
-Now type file at the search bar then select the file explorer icon that pops up.
-When file explorer is launched, navigate to SDcard and install Quick Shortcut apk
-Launch Quick shortcut app then type in settings on the search bar.
-Select com android Settings SettingsTab.
-Select Try to launch settings app.
-Scroll down an open About then tap build number 7 times to activate developers option.
-Press back, navigate and open developers option then enable usb debug mode and OEM unlocking.
-Now go back to settings and select Backup and reset.
-Select factory data reset.
-Then reset phone.
-Wait for reset process to complete
-You can now setup the phone with no issues

frp bypass Huawei Y560-l01
frp bypass Huawei Y560-l01

 Well the above works only for devices with old android security patch level ie only on devices that you can just enable developers option. The following method below shows what you can do if there’s no way to enable developers option.

-Copy frp bypass apk to SDcard then insert into device and boot.
-When the phone is boot up, do a screenshot of the current page.
-Now select message app from the popup of shared apps.
-Type in any website link and then send to any number.
-When the message is showing sending, tap the website link then select open url from the pop up.
-Select Browser to open the link.
-Now search and download frp bypass apk.
-When download is complete, tap menu icon in browser and select Download icon.
-Install and launch frp bypass app
-Click on the 3 dots and select browser sign-in
-Sign in any google account then restart the phone and setup normal with no problem.
-If you are doing this for someone, do a factory reset from settings to remove the current account on device
frp bypass huawei y6 pro tit u02
frp bypass huawei y6 pro tit u02

Another easy way to bypass frp on Huawei device is shown below.

-Copy frp bypass apk to SDcard then insert into device and boot.
-Boot up device then navigate to connect to a wifi page.
-Select a Wifi so as to type in password.
-When the keyboard popup, press and hold space bar key then select more languages.
Select Download languages.
-On the terms of service page, press and select a word then click the search icon that appears.
-Now type file on the search bar and select the file manager app that appears.
-Navigate to SDcard and install frp bypass app
-Launch frp bypass app. If you do not find the 3 dots, tap the square softkey to popup Browser sign-in.
-Select browser sign-in then input your google account details.
-When you are signed in successfully, restart the phone and set up normal.
-If you are doing this for someone, do a factory reset from settings to remove the current account on device
frp bypass huawei lua u22
frp bypass huawei lua u22

There you go, those are different easy methods on how to bypass factory reset protection (frp) aka google account lock on Huawei devices. Note that here the methods above are not restricted only to Huawei devices. Since this security is always updated, the methods above will not work on some new devices. No worries I’m always here to drop fresh methods

Hope this helps
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