Customize any android phone to get new trending round edge display

Samsung and LG just made another trending feature on their new flagship S8 and G6 respectively. The display now has round edges instead of the traditional square shape and looks really cool. Well if you like this feature but you are not ready to get any of the new smartphones having it, don’t sweat the tip below will show you how to easily enable this  feature on your android smart phone with just a simple app an no root permission is required, isn’t that amazing.

This works only for android 4.0 and above
Do this at your own risk!

Let’s get straight to the point.
Download and install Conerfly app from playstore (its free)
Launch and accept permission for system overlay.
Enable accessibility service for conerfly app (turn on).
When accessibility service is turned on, round edge display will be activated on your device.

However, some device with softkeys/navigation keys (back, home, task) on screen might have problems displaying these keys or the round edge corner will appear before the navigation bar layer which is not appealing to the eye. To solve this problem,
Open Conerfly app and enter menu settings
Under General, select Applications
Now tick both Overlay Statusbar & Overlay Navigationbar
It should now work just fine on your device.

Your device should now be running on the trending round edge screens. You can now show off your new display to your friends.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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