Play this fun tennis game using another android phone as racket (Nintendo WII Style)

If you are a fan of the Nintendo WII Sports games and tennis to be precise you will just love this. This tennis game turns any second android phone or wear into a racket to play the game. It’s really easy to set up.

Head straight to Google Playstore and download Tennis Racketeering game by CoreApps with the device with large screen.
Then download and install Tennis Racketeering Racket app on the device (android phone or android gear) which you will use and racket for your gaming.

Once the game and racket app are installed on the devices, go to Bluetooth settings and pair them.
Now launch the game on the bigger device then go to options > rackets
You will see paired device on the list, select racket device and press OK.

On the device you want to use as racket, launch the racket app and set it up by pressing the calibrate button. When you see Connected! On screen, then you are done and good to go.

Select single player mode and choose your preferred hand (left or right handed) which you use for playing

Note that you will be waving your hand left and right so you will have to hold on to the device tight that’s why it’s preferable to use the android gear.
Again, it’s not a must to play the game with remote like racket you can still play it onscreen like any other android game. The racket stuff is just for additional fun.

Another game which is just like this but way more advance is Motion Tennis CastYou will be able to play this tennis game with motion gestures on your HDTV, Smart TV or a web browser using screen cast software 'ike Chromecast, Miracast or AllShareCast, Wii-like gaming straight from on your Smartphone and also for free.
If you have any of the gadgets above then you can enjoy this game.

No matter which one you want to play just have fun this weekend..........


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