How to install Windows OS on Dual OS Tabs (Android/Windows) with intel chips

Most Tabs nowadays running on intel processor run two OS ie Android and Windows. It’s really nice having two-operating system running on a single device. You can just switch from one to the other. Major problem occurs when one of this OS crash and you have to reload it.
I already did a tutorial on how to flash Android OS on these types on devices if you didn't see it, go here. This tutorial here will show you how to install Windows OS on this device. It is usually done after installing Android OS so I recommend you to read the previous tutorial above except your Android partition is still working perfectly or you just want only Windows.

The normal process to follow: Flash BIOS >> install Android >> install Windows

There is really no need to flash BIOS if the problem with the device is just crash of the operating system.
If you flash a wrong BIOS file, the device will brick.
Do this at your own risk!!!!!

USB Flash Drive (minimum of 8GB)
OTG cable
USB Hub with at least 3 ports
USB keyboard (if device does not have one)
Battery power should be at least 40%

You can skip Flashing BIOS and Installing Android step if you just want to install Windows OS direct.

Flashing BIOS
Format USB Drive (FAT)
Rename USB drive to WINPE
Extract firmware downloaded
Copy files in BIOS folder to root of formatted USB Drive
Connect USB hub to device
Connect USB Drive and keyboard to hub
Turn on device while pressing ESC key continuously (Some devices use F7, delete)
Navigate to Boot manager
Select USB drive from the list and wait for flash process to begin
When it’s done, device will reboot automatically.

If you flash the BIOS above, you will need to install android before you install windows.

Installing Android
Tutorial on how to install Android OS on this type of device is found here.

Install Windows OS
Format the USB flash drive (NTFS format)
Rename the USB flash drive to WINPE
Extract the firmware and open Windows image folder
Copy all the files inside to the root of the USB Flash drive

Connect the USB hub to device
Attach USB Flash drive, and keyboard to the ports of the USB hub

Now power on device while pressing ESC key continuously on keyboard (some devices use F7 or Delete key)
The device will enter Boot mode
You can now use direction keys on keyboard and navigate to boot manager icon then press Enter key
Use direction key and select the boot device from the list ie UEFI: USB Drive
Press Enter key to start installation.
Now wait till the installation process is complete usually takes about 10 – 30 mins
The device will boot after the process is complete.

Hope this helps
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