How to improve sound quality on your android device

Few years ago, smartphones were one of those fancy gadgets we dream about now you can find it everywhere you go thanks to android. Playing music is one of the most used activity on a smart but unfortunately the quality of sound from most of them are just OK or poor. Well even though you are stuck with the hardware, you can do some customization on the software to improve the sound quality.
To make the sound quality of your device better, you are going to use a mod which will bypass the default android audio api and give you better quality sound. For this write up we will be using Ainu audio mod developed by UltraM8.

Device must be rooted
Custom recovery (TWRP, CWM, PHILZ etc) must be installed on device)
Do this at your own risk

There different types of Ainur mod as listed below. Some of them work on specific devices.
Ainu Nero |  Ainur Pandora  |  Ainur Atlant  |  Ainur Kronos

We are going to make use of Ainu Nero mod or Ainur Pandora mod because both of them are universal.
Download Ainur Nero mod from here.
Download Ainur Pandora mod from here
Transfer the zip file into the root your sdCard.
Boot your device into custom recovery.
Select install from the menu then navigate to sdCard and select mod file you downloaded.
Select YES to install or swipe if you are using TWRP.
Once installation is complete, delete cache/dalvik then reboot device.

Congrats…. you have successfully installed Ainur Nero mod on your device
Now head to your favorite music app and play that hit track while listening from speaker or headphones (preferable).
Enjoy the new quality sound.

The next best alternative to Ainurs audio mod is Viper4android you can also try it and have fun with it settings.

Hope this helps

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