How to fix invalid/null imei on Chinese Qualcomm Snapdragon devices (Lenovo, Wiko, Infinix, Gionee etc)

Sometimes after flashing/upgrading Qualcomm Snapdragon devices, it ends up having no signal from network provider which is a result of corrupted imei number. If you dail *#06#, you will discover that the space for imei number shows null or invalid. The following tutorial below will show you how to fix imei problems on Qualcomm devices.

Change of imei number is illegal
Do this at your own risk!

Download QcomWriteNumber from here
Download an install Qualcomm drivers from here

Launch QcomWriteNumber from the extracted folder
Click on sq button to set test items
Select only Enter Ftm, Write Imei1, Write Imei2, Change 2 Online and Sync Efs except you know what you are doing.
Click Save button below.

Click the Play button or Press Enter key twice.
A pop up will appear for you to input imei number (this number is usually found at the back of the device)
Input the 15 digit imei number of your device on the spaces provided.

Now turn off device then hold volume up + power button to enter factory mode.
Connect phone to PC with USB and press Enter Key twice on PC.

When you see the message "PASS", know that the imei number has been fixed successfully.

You can also follow the screenshots below 


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