How to install .bar apps on BB10 devices using Sachesi

Even though Blackberry 10 OS is fast fading, there are still some die hard fans out there who still love it and will do anything to still enjoy this device. On a normal, you download and install Blackberry Apps from Blackberry World which requires Mobile Data or WIFI network but what if you just want to install an app or game offline? that is when there's no network .bar files will come in handy. Most .bar apps are android apk converted and signed so that it can work on BB10. This started far back around 2013 when android apps were converted to work on Blackberry PlayBook. 
For .bar apps download, you can find a great list at crackberry forum
Enough history let go directly on to how you can install any .bar app on your BB10 device easily using Sachesi.

Download and install latest BB10 drivers (You can also install the drivers when you connect your device then tap install drivers on the popup that appears on device)
Download latest version of Sachesi from here
Extract the zip folder
Launch Sachesi.
Now connect your BB10 device to PC and wait for Sachesi to detect it.
Input password if required.
You will see a list of all the apps found inside your device.
Now drag and drop the .bar app into Sachesi window.
Wait for the installation to complete.
When installation is complete, click Refresh button.
If you go back to app list, you will find the app you just installed

Congrats, you just installed your first .bar app on BB10 device.
Watch video on how to do the above process below.


  1. Amazing tutorial thanks a lot for the tutorial it was really easy to understand.


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