Antonio Anti-Theft + USB Charging Travel Backpack

If you are the type of person who move around a lot with lots of gadgets, this backpack is meant for you. The Antonio Travel backpack is designed for day to day normal use or travel with extra addons like mobile phone charging function and Anti-theft feature.

This incredible cool designed backpack which is available in grey and black clour has enough space (more than 10 compartment including 2 elastic spaces for you laptop ) to carry most of your gadgets with ease. The bag is made with a tear/water resistant polyester fabric which is durable and holds it shape even after long term use. 

43 x 26 x 11 cm in size, this backpack has hidden zips which serve as an anti-theft feature with well balanced straps and top a handle for easy carrying.
As at now, this backpack comes with a free fidget cube gift + free shipping and cost only $59.95 which is about 22,000 in Nigerian Naira.

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You can watch the video of Antonio Travel backpack below

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