CONFIGURING A VPN SERVER ON BLACKBERRY 10 DEVICES (Solution to Glo and Airtel not opening some sites)

For sometime now Glo-ng and Airtel- ng network cannot open some websites especially those hosted on blogger. It seems the ip of these two network are blacklisted due to too much spamming using them and I think this is not going to stop anytime soon since both network provider have refused to respond to any of the numerous messages thrown to them on social media to fix this problem.

The quick fix of this is using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. A vpn connection will help bypass whatever weird firewall blocking the to visit a particular web page. If you are using android or PC to surf the net, then this is easy stuff using a vpn. Openvpn app + a free server from vpnbook will do the trick like abc.  But those using any of the Blackberry 10 devices (Q5, Q10, Z10, Passport etc) must have noticed that vpn apps on Blackberry world are paid. You know it's nice to get something useful free once in a while 😃😃

Now, let’s forget about the all the shitty vpn apps on Blackberry world. Just like other smart phones, the BB10 device have got its own inbuilt vpn app. All you need is configuring it with a vpn server and enjoy. I present you with which we can easily configure its service to work with the BB10 OS inbuilt vpn app and also gives you 2GB free bandwidth it’s a win win.
Setting up vpn service on a BB10 device is really easy just follow the steps below.
Create a free account here.
Activate the account by clicking the link sent to your mail.
When your free account is activated, configure the following on your phone. 

Enter Settings menu on your phone.
Open Networks and Connections
Select VPN
Touch Add VPN Profile.
Now input the following
Profile Name: Enter any name
Server Address: input any of the free server shown on your dashboard eg.
Gateway Type: Microsoft IKEv2 VPN Server
Authentication Type: EAP-MSCHAPv2
Authentication ID Type: Email Address
Authentication ID: enter your username
MSCHAPv2 Password: enter your password
Click connect
When the profile name turns to green color, your device is connected to vpn server.

Remember the free account has only 2GB bandwidth and 3 free servers. You can upgrade your account plan to premium to enjoy unlimited bandwidth with more than 30 premium servers.

Hope this helps
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