Guest Post: Best iPhone 8 Apps To Download In 2017

The year 2017 has marked the release of whole new line of iPhones from Apple on the 10th anniversary of the device. However, the phones that are available for public as of now are iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. No matter which of these new iPhones you have grabbed for yourself, you must have to download some of the amazing iPhone apps for enjoying a perfect iPhone experience. But how can you choose the best out there? Well, here are some apps that you should download to maximize the fun on your new 2017 iPhones.

1.  Apple Music

Want to entertain yourself on the new iPhone of yours? Apple Music should be the first thing you start using on your iPhone 8. There is a monthly subscription that you’ll have to buy, and it will allow you to have access to some of the best music around. In fact, there will be no end to the old and new songs that you can enjoy listening to on your iPhone via Apple Music app. The content can also be downloaded to your device if you want to listen to your favorite songs when offline. In addition, the app gives you access to some custom playlists, curated specifically for your own personal likings. These custom playlists are actually based around your past listening patterns. So, it can really give you a perfect music experience on your new iPhone

2.   FlightView

If you want to check statuses of different flights in real-time then FlightView is a must-have on your new iPhone. The company has actually introduced three different iOS apps tiers and each of them takes a progressive approach to offering more features. It lets you track flights in real-time and check out where exactly your flight is in the air. The app even lets you to manage things like hotel reservations and car rentals from right inside it. You get delay alerts, weather reports right throughout your itinerary and can get to know if the weather will be affecting the flights or not.
If you fly often, you really need FlightView to keep things organized.

3.   Google Maps
With Google Maps, you can have access to driving, biking, walking and transit directions in almost every country of the world. There is also support for turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation and it all comes completely for free. The best thing about it is that it gives you directions to several routes and, even if you take a wrong turn, it keeps re-routing you until you reach your final destination. You can also search for any businesses or attractions you may want to visit right on the Map. And, believe it or not, the app gives you most accurate results for whatever you are looking for.   

4.   MobiStats
The idea behind MobiStats is that you can improve your data usage if you are able to see where most of your data is going. The app closely tracks your daily data usage and gives you monthly forecasts of your expected data usage. The information can be filtered according to Wi-Fi, roaming, or cellular. The stats can also be tracked down according to daily, monthly and all-time stats.
The app also offers real-time data usage tracking. Though it may not be able to tell you exactly which apps have used the data, you can still be able to have a quick look at exactly how much data is consumed at a particular time.

5.   RunKeeper
If you’re more concerned about your fitness than anything else, your new iPhone can become your fitness tracker as well with the help of Runkeeper app. The app allows you to track your routes and running goals alike and assists you in reaching new heights when it comes to cardio workouts. If you go premium, you can get access to prescribed workouts as well. There will also be live tracking, weather data and progress insights available in premium versions.
Even without a premium membership, there is still a lot that this app can offer. So, download it on your new iPhone today.

If you are looking to double the excitement of your new iPhone, download these apps and enjoy the wonderful experience.

Author Bio:
James Barrett is a passionate writer who writes mostly about tech with a focus on Apple’s products, news and reviews. Currently, he’s a contributing author at Apple Pit.

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