Solution to Glo-Ng & Airtel-Ng not opening some sites using PC browsers.

It’s not news that Glo-Ng and Airtel-Ng network cannot access some sites and the only way to solve this problem is using a VPN connection on your device. About a week ago I made a post on how to configure a VPN server on Blackberry BB10 devices so as to access some websites which cannot be opened directly with Glo-Ng or Airtel-Ng network and got lots of messages asking me on how it can be done on PC so as to use PC browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. here is how it’s done.

This first method will configure the VPN system wide (ie all apps on your system uses the server) and also free, all you need to do is install OpenVPN app on your PC then use one of the server found on vpnbook site.

Download and install OpenVPN from here.
Now goto and under openvpn menu, download a server bundle of your choice.
Extract the zip file to get the servers.
Copy these server files into C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config folder
Now Launch OpenVPN.
When its launch, right click on its icon you will see the list of servers available.
Select one of them to connect.
Input the username and password found on vpnbook site and wait for it to connect.
When connection is successful, the openvpn icon turns green.

You can now access all the sites that cannot be accessed with your network provider.

OK the previous method made every application on your PC to use the vpn server
If you want to use only Opera Browser, this is easy stuff. All you need to do is just to turn on the inbuilt vpn found in the application. To do this, just follow the steps below.

If you do not have Opera browser on your PC, Download and install the latest version here
Launch Opera Browser and enter settings.
Click on Privacy and security scroll down and tick enable vpn.
That’s all. A new server is assigned to the browser and you are free to browse any page.
If you want to turn the vpn off, just click on the vpn icon on browser address bar and toggle it off.

The above is just for Opera browser. Other Browsers like Firefox and Chrome have vpn extensions which you can install and use too.

Hope this helps
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  1. mine say vertificate server has be enabled with a red showing in the nox.......and it still cant

  2. It worked though. Good info. People visit for free browsing cheat today.


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