How to make SIM contacts show in phonebook on Xiaomi MI phones

Many users after buying notice that they cannot view their contacts found on their SIM cards. I've even seen people returning these phones back to sellers saying its a bad product because of this reason. Well if you have one and want the contacts found in SIM to show inside contact list, follow the procedure below.

> Goto Settings
> Scroll down and Tap on System Apps
> Select Contacts
> Select Display preferences
>Turn on Show SIM contacts

You can now goto  contacts app and see all SIM contacts displayed.


If you just want to copy the contact from your SIM to phone storage, do the following instead

> Goto Settings
> Scroll down and Tap on System Apps
> Select Contacts
> Select Import/Export contacts
> Select Import from SIM card and select the storage you want the contacts to enter 

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