Root android devices by patching boot.img using Magstick apk

If you have been trying to root your device with no success with all the one click root apps like kingroot, iRoot etc and also searched/port the custom recovery (twrp, cwm, philz etc) of your device so that you can easily root it by simply flashing with no luck Then following tutorial below will show you how you can easily root most android devices just using stock (original) boot.img file and Magisk Manager app. Magisk Manager app helps to patch the boot.img file which you can just flash on device and have full root access with no stress.

Do a complete backup of your device before undergoing the process
I take no responsibility on whatever that happens to your device using this tutorial
Do at your own risk!

Stock boot.img of your device preferably the one with same build id with your device. You can always get this file from the stock firmware or extract (Read) it using tools like CM2, Miracle Box, NCK etc.
Latest Magisk Manager app. Download it from here

Now that you have all the things needed to root the device, install Magisk Manager app on the phone
Make sure you have and active internet connection on the device
Copy the boot.img file into phone storage or SDcard.
Launch Magisk Manager. When a popup appears asking to install Magisk, select INSTALL
Then select create .img file
Now navigate using your browser and select the stock boot.img file you copied into the device
Wait for Magisk to download the required files and patch the boot.img file
When its done, the new patched_boot file will be found inside Magisk folder in your phone
You can now rename the newly created patched_boot.img to just boot.img and then flash it to your device.
when flashing is done check if device is rooted permanently using root checker app

Magisk Manager is created by xda developer topjohnwu

How to flash patched_boot.img file created
For MTK devices
Copy patched_boot.img and scatter file into a folder
Launch SP Flash Tool
Click Scatter loader and load scatter file
Click Download Button then Coonect phone to PC and wait for boot file to flash
When you see green tick, process is complete
Boot up device.

For SPD devices
Load .pac file into Research Download Tool
Click on settings
Now double click on any of the file name address and copy
Open windows explorer and paste it on address bar
Edit the name of the address by removing the part of file name to be flashed
C:\Users\TK\AppData\Local\Temp\_DownloadFiles9665703\u-boot-spl-16k.bin becomes C:\Users\TK\AppData\Local\Temp\_DownloadFiles9665703\
Then press Enter key
The folder you now see contains all the images found inside the .pac file
You can now copy your boot.img file or replace when you want to flash
Hope this helps......

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  1. I am having issue with Magisk Manager on my Gionee M5 Mini. It is not installing despite updating to the latest version.
    Kindly come to the rescue, please sir.


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